Vegan Mofo Day 9: 70’s Retro fruit treasure chest

Researching today’s Vegan Mofo to write about a retro food dish, turned out to be a stomach flipping affair….my gosh are there some disgusting retro recipes out there. Want to check out the horror show yourself? Head to this Buzzfeed article, if you can stomach it. Don’t do it before or after you eat…Don’t believe me? I have three words for you, “Ham Banana Hollandaise.”

A couple years ago, I attended at course on Food and Power in US History. This truly fascinating course combined three of my favorite topics; food, history and researching hierarchy and power in society. One unit focused on understanding current food politics by studying Life magazine advertisements and recipes from the 1940’s through the 1960’s. These advertisements were some of the most blatant, socially hegemonic, propaganda filled, yet seemingly innocent features I’ve ever scene. Life magazine ads didn’t just exist to sell mayonnaise and cake mix, they sold women an image of who they should be, children and image of what mothers should be and fathers the 1950’s ideal of having “it all,” true-blue-nuclear-family style. It’s not just salmon mousse my friend; it’s the lost effort of women before you to feed people truly nourishing food. It’s definitely not just grotesque, “Ham Banana Hollandaise,” it’s the Banana Wars and the institutionalization of pig factory farming to feed American families.


After I calmed down from the whirlwind of overly big, weight-of-the-world, reaction I had to revisiting vintage recipe articles, I found this gem from an old mayo ad. While there was no way I was going to mix my nature-perfected fruit with mayo, vegan or not, I definitely could make a fruit treasure chest raw, vegan, and totally vibrant.


The basic idea of making the chest:

Take a pineapple and slice off the top and the bottom, flat and even. Discard. Take a thin slice, about 1/2 an inch straight across one side, so that the pineapple will sit flat on its side. Now cut off the other side a bit thicker, about 1 inch. This is your treasure chest top. Take the slice of the peel you removed from the bottom and cut it in halve the short way, make two pieces that can be the sides of your treasure chest. Affix the sides to the pineapple chest base with toothpicks. Now prepare all your fruit that you are going to assemble around the chest. Prop up the treasure chest top with four toothpicks in each corner, pushed a bit deeper in the back than in the front. Assemble your fruit and enjoy!

To make the grape jewel necklace: 

I used an embroidery needle with embroidery thread, doubled up. I then just threaded each grape,  lengthwise and tied off the thread into a necklace when it was full of grapes.

with cotton candy grapes, jackfruit, rambutaan, oranges, and pomegranate