Vegan Mofo day 6 : Green Ginger’s raw noodles plus vegan food tour of Ubud, Bali

Being asked to re-create a restaurant meal is definitely a challenge. I’ve had so many amazing vegan meals around the world. This says a lot, because I am extremely picky about what I say is good at restaurants. 7/10 times, I say to myself, “I could make that.” The places I have been where that isn’t true, or if it is, the results would probably be better made by the restaurant itself, are usually simple, local, back-alley kind of joints. Sure, I have had some amazing 5 course meals by top chefs who make vegan food, but the best food exists in the places you feel the love, regardless of cost and image.

My sister -in-law and I took a month long trip to Bali and Thailand last winter. The food in Bali, especially Ubud, which is the culture and arts epicenter of Bali, was out of control. Think of the best, most healthy, most vibrant, vegetables-picked-just-hours ago freshness. I went for the fruit, but I stayed for the salads! Check out my blog entry on vegan food in Ubud!

Green Ginger Noodle House in Canggu, Bali

Here is a recreation of one of my favorite meals in Bali. I had these raw noodles in Canggu, Bali, a small surfing and expat neighborhood on the southwest coast of the island. The sand on the beaches is black and the waves are intense! I don’t think that there is a lot of vegan spots in Canggu but the options at the Green Ginger Noodle House are plentiful and everything we had was delicious. Make sure to also get one of their homemade sugar-free sodas, made with muddled fruit, lemon and soda water.

Home-made sugar-free soda at Green Ginger. Pineapple, lemon, passionfruit and soda water.

These raw noodles are dressed in a tamarind-ginger dressing.  Don’t fret if you don’t have tamarind. Raisins with a little extra lime juice makes a great substitute.

Makes 4 servings

For the noodles, spiralize or julienne into long strips:

1 medium jicama, about 1.5 cups worth. Keep the jicama whole, and peel it. Cut it in half, lengthwise. Spiralized or julienned

1 approx. 6-8 inch daikon radish, peeled, spiralized or julienned

2 medium zucchinis, peel first if you don’t want green noodles (but leave on for more nutrition!), spiralized or julienned

Toss in a bowl with: 

about 15 string beans, sliced thin and long, on the bias, into thirds

2 tomatoes (about 1 heaping cup) cut into bite-sized wedges, or 20 cherry tomatoes halved

1-2 TB chopped peanuts or cashews, raw is fine but will taste a bit better if they are roasted or toasted!

garnishes (optional, feel free to make any mix) – lime wedges, dried chili flakes, scallion/green onion, seeds, fried shallot, coconut flakes, sprouts

For the tamarind ginger dressing: 

Blend in a high speed blender such as a Vita Mix or Blendtec, till smooth:

2 Tbs tamarind paste (substitute 2 Tbs soaked raisins and 1 TB extra lime juice)

2 teas. freshly grated ginger root

raw hot chili to taste! (I like about half of a seeded bird’s eye chili, but that’s pretty hot!)

2 TB coconut aminos (use more if a saltier taste is desired)

1/4 cup lime juice

2 Tbs water

1 teas. toasted sesame oil (optional, not raw, sub with 2 teas. raw tahini)

1/2  teas. kaffir lime powder (optional)

Toss with the noodles just before serving. Garnish with lime wedges, sprouts, nuts, seeds, herbs, scallion, fried shallot or chilis! Get creative!