Vegan MoFo Day 4: Nori wraps with miso, tahini, apple, and veggies

Day 4 of the the Vegan MoFo is make a weird food combo you love. Tiny, two bite foods, wrapped and stuffed with different textures and flavors, is something I’m really into. Seasoned nori packs are a great vehicle for different thick spreads and dips as well as fresh veggies and fruit. Some folks think it’s weird to put sweet fruit with nori but it’s actually really good. These wraps use apple but some other delicious choices are papaya, mango, pear, grapefruit or plums.

These wraps contain miso tahini sauce made with my favorite brand of miso; South River Brand. They are like the micro brew of miso. South River makes many gluten and soy free miso pastes, and makes unique flavors such as garlic red pepper, which I used for my wraps. You can use any kind of miso you like and choose to flavor it with herbs and spices, or not. It will be good either way! DSC_0193__75337.1399484548.1280.1280

To make miso tahini spread:

2 teaspoons miso paste

1 TB tahini

1 TB water

1-2 teaspoons herbs and spices of choice (optional)

Stir till combined and lump free!

*yields enough to spread on the average container of of nori wraps (not the big toasted kind but the snack size) 


You will need about 15 slices each assorted vegetables and fruits. I used julienne carrot, apple slices and cucumber

Spread a small amount of tahini miso spread on a nori wrap. Add 1-2 slices each of your veggies and fruit. Fold over and eat. This is a great meal for on the go, just make sure to keep your ingredients separate till your ready to eat as pre-made wraps will get soggy.