Raw, Whole, Zesty Summer Zucchini Bisque ! 5 minutes prep or less!

Just a couple of zucchinis!

FOTE6CASummer time! Garden time! Zucchini time! sometimes too much zucchini time. These babies sure are prolific growers. If you get stuck like I do sometimes with needing healthy recipes to use all the summer squashes nature’s bounties provides this recipe is for you. Its super hydrating, raw, made in less than 5 minutes if your quick and a great post workout meal filled with natural sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and healthy fats. Plus, since its made with whole foods its very filling, full of fiber and will keep you cool. I don’t know about you but here in PDX we are having a heat wave, and baked or grill zucchini dishes are just not an option.

If you notice I am specific with color of produce and spices and even peel the zucchini. This is to get the beautiful color I show in the pic. If a greenish/brownish color doesn’t bother you and you want to get the full nutrition from the zucchini feel free to not peel and to use whatever color produce you want!

Zesty Summer Zucchini Bisque

2 cups peeled zucchini, chopped

1 cup yellow tomatoes, chopped (or use a yellow cherry variety like sungold, no chopping!)

1 TB scallion bulb (white part only)

1/4 teas. garlic powder

1 TB fresh oregano leaf

1/2 teas. dill (dried or fresh, use a little more if fresh)

2 TB apple cider vinegar, unfiltered raw (with the mother!)

2 TB tahini, raw, untoasted (or use a heaping TB of sesame seeds)

a few pinches red chili flakes (adjust for your spice preference)

a few pinches ground white pepper (use black pepper if the color doesn’t matter)

3/4 cup water

Blend everything together in a high speed blender such as a vitamix or blendtec. Don’t over blend. It is better if there is still a bit of texture. Serve with diced tomato, zucchini and herbs for garnish. If you increase the acid, like the vinegar or add citrus juice, and decrease water this could be an awesome salad dressing too!