Smoothie Rut? Layer your flavors!

Looking for a really fun way to liven up your smoothies? Layer them! This method works best with banana based smoothies, because the result is thick, creamy and holds up well. Other frozen fruit combos, especially mango, peach or blueberry based would also hold up well since those fruits have a lot of natural pectin and yield a thicker smoothie.

Shown here are my two favorite layered smoothies The Raspberry Beret Frappe and The Cherry Lime Rickey Float. The recipes for these two smoothies and 30+ other recipes will be in my upcoming ebook.

Here’s the formula to fill 1 quart size, or two pint size jars or glasses

FOT3D4 (2) 3 cups frozen fruit base (for my banana based smoothies this is 5 bananas,  chopped and frozen)

1 cup other fruit fruit, or a combo (berries, peaches, mangoes, cherries, pineapple etc)

1/2 cup blending liquid, either water, coconut water, orange juice, lime juice,  apple juice, herbal tea or even green juice like spinach or cucumber, get zany!

optional additional flavoring agent, such as vanilla powder, bean or extract,  carob, cacao, chopped mint, essential oils or flavor extracts

optional garnishes: fresh fruit, fresh herbs, edible flowers, citrus wedges, dried  berries, chia seeds, cacao nibs etc.

Decide what two or three smoothies you want to layer. Some standards are banana + vanilla and then separately mangoes or berries plus coconut water. You want to have all your ingredients set up before you start blending so that the smoothies don’t melt before you layer them. If you happen to be a lucky devil like me and own two blender pitchers, well you can just go twice as fast! First make your lighter colored smoothie (this makes it so you don’t need to clean the pitcher in between smoothies). If using 5 bananas for example, set one banana aside for the second smoothie and add 4 frozen bananas to the blender. Add 1/4 cup of your blending liquid and any flavoring agent you are using. Blend on high till smooth and creamy, remove from pitcher and set aside while you make your next smoothie. If you have a high powered blender with settings, use a setting such as “ice crush or ice cream.” For my Blendtec blender it has an awesome ice cream setting that is even more awesome when I use my twister pitcher.  Now add the 1 cup of other frozen fruit, your remaining banana and the remaining 1/4 cup liquid plus any additional flavoring agent. Blend on high again. Layer your two smoothies in your cup and garnish as desired. Bottoms up!