Welcome to Heirloom Commons

Heirloom Commons is a collection of vegan recipes, that are mostly raw. My recipes always focus on being minimally processed, mostly whole, ripe, organic plants. The name, Heirloom Commons, has many meanings to me.

Commons because I want my recipes to be available to all like a natural resource. This resource should be spread abundantly so that the agri-culture the recipes represent and the people who eat them may flourish.

Heirloom is two fold. Firstly, cooking is something that has been passed down to me by my multi-ethnic ancestors. Everyone in my family is an entertainer on a social level, especially as it pertains to food. I like make dishes reminiscent of their homelands, but also of places I was told stories of as a child. The influence of Burgundy, France on my mother’s cooking in could not be denied, and I still think of roast when I smell red wine, onions and cloves wafting through the air. My fathers Sicilian roots, as well the influence of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines he acquired while working abroad made their presence known in his cooking. I was always the weird foodie girl since I brought bulgogi in a school lunchbox while friends had pb&j or worse, lunch-ables.

The second reason is not nearly as personal, but simply an ode to my near obsession with strange, uncommon, rare, aesthetically challenging and often enticing heirloom vegetable and exotic fruits which inhabit my porch garden, farmers market, and local world markets each day bringing great whimsy and vibrancy into my kitchen.